An underachieving website can cause you endless hours of stress, you aren’t pulling in the results you want and you’re not sure which route to take to turn it around. A website re-design is often the first thought that springs into people’s mind, let’s rip up the old site and start again? Right? Well, not necessarily. Website owners often underestimate the power of analytics in pinpointing failing site areas. The current successes of the website are often overlooked and a needless and often expensive redesign is undertaken.

Form follows function, this is the law

The truth is an eye-catching new site is definitely not everything. Let’s look at the problem in another way. Swapping a practical little car that gets you from A-Z for a racy red sports car that breaks down every few yards would totally be pointless. The sports car might look great, but you may as well have stuck with the old motor.

Moving ahead with a redesign can have negative effects on conversion rates, confusing repeat customers and eliminating positive features that already draw in new business. With analytics and ‘controlled testing’ it’s possible to identify which areas of your site are working and which are areas of concern. A clearer view of the site can be achieved with this A/B testing allowing you to remove the guesswork from website optimisation. Putting your website under the microscope can provide you with the answers you need before major change is undertaken.

Do your homework

Substance over style goes a long way towards long-term internet success, getting drawn into a new sparkly shiny website is not always the answer to your conversion problems. Make sure you explore every avenue and do your analytics homework before committing to the disruption and expense of a website face-lift.

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