Enegry Bulbs is a lighting and HVAC company based in the Midlands, UK.

They sell branded lighting and HVAC goods at very competitive prices.

Most of their traffic comes from organic search and paid Google ads.

When they approached us, they wanted to increase their average order value to help drive revenue. They offered bulk discounts which is a positive but were not incentivising visitors to purchase higher quantities.

In less 3 months, we not only increased the average order value but increased their revenue by 100%.

Image what that would look like for your business.

You can significantly boost your revenue without paying for any more traffic.

The goal – selling higher quantities

80% of the products on the website are light bulbs/lamps and we learnt from speaking with the customer service team when people call the sales line, it is often not too difficult to encourage people to buy one than of item.

This intel was music to our ears.

We knew that customers had the appetite to buy higher quantities without needing the use of manipulative sales incentives.

Here’s what the original layout looked like