If your Shopify site is just ‘meh!’ it’s time to liven it up.

A digital shopfront that’s dull, boring, and blends into all the others is hardly going to inspire a consumer to part with their hard-earned cash. Whether you want to focus on the overall look or the user experience, your site needs to stand out from the crowd if you’re serious about attracting consumers.

Don’t know where to being? We’ve got seven ideas to take you from drab to fab in no time at all.

1. Focus on your brand

Your brand is what sets you apart – capitalise on it.

Whether you’re shouting about your brand value, telling your unique start-up story, or engaging in a different way, it should be the focus of your Shopify store. Avoid the cookie cutter jargon and think about what your brand is all about.

Making your brand a focus, from the homepage right through to the final checkout page, will take you from dull to exciting with little to no effort at all.

It’s not just worthwhile for the sake of standing out either. A strong brand presence can give customers the confidence to make a purchase, intrigue them enough to sign up for your newsletter, foster a sense of brand loyalty, and much more.

2. Use bigger images

As the old saying goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ so, turn this to your advantage and make your photographs front and centre.

Website design has evolved. Modern sites are all about the visuals. For Shopify store fronts, that means making your images (high quality ones!) prominent. Potential customers can learn a lot about your product with a quick glance at a photo, so make it simple without the need to zoom in.

3. And experiment with other media

Photographs are an online shop essential, but why stop there? Experiment with other media formats too.

Fashion retailers can really benefit from showing a video of the model moving around in the outfit. If you’re in the electronics space, why not show your household gadgets working in a real setting or offer instructional clips? It’s not all about videos either; you could utilise audio clips, graphics, 360 degree views – even virtual reality. Don’t be afraid to experiment and test, test, test.

4. Integrate a live chat feature

One of the downsides to shopping online is help is often lacking when you need it. Here, a live chat feature can help.

A chat window gives your website a more personal, reliable, and professional appearance from the get go. It’s a clear indication that you’re ready to engage with your customers and on hand to provide assistance. It could help you convert those ‘maybe’ customers into ‘yes, I’ll make a purchase’ – what’s not to love?

5. Opt for a clean design

When you’re looking for ways to take your website from drab to fab, it’s easy to start throwing extras at your design. But a slick, contemporary look is all about simplicity.

Show off one or two key products on your homepage, rather than throwing a whole collection at visitors. Opt for a couple of bold colour choices instead of using a kaleidoscope for inspiration. It’s all about balance and allowing customers to focus on a few critical areas.

6. Build your content marketing

A site that’s all about selling can get pretty boring and is less likely to keep leads coming back for more.

So, it’s time to invest in your content marketing strategy. From value adding blogs to fun social media updates, your content should be considered a critical part of your site’s appeal. It will help drive sales while making your shopfront different too.

7. Pick the right theme

Shopify gives you a huge range of themes to choose from, don’t just go for the most popular.

Take some time looking through all the options to think about which one really captures the essence of your brand. With so many other sellers using Shopify, going off the beaten track when it comes to theme can be a real advantage.