No matter what kind of business you’re running, you need a decent-looking website in order to sell your products. A professional website not only makes your brand look good, it builds trust with customers who may be initially wary of you. In the days when brick-and-mortar businesses were more common, it used to be important to have glossy shelves and trendy nonchalant mannequins in a store. These days, it’s more important to have fancy image sliders and a UI which doesn’t take 3 years to load. So, if you’re looking for some of the best Shopify themes which are trending in 2018, read on!

1. Pipeline

Classic scrolling is being revived by pipeline, harking back to the glory days of the internet. Pipeline has a unique parallax effect, which allows it to stand out despite its misleading simplicity.

2. Split

Making use of a split-screen design, this theme has a sense of chic and sophistication which would be great for a high-end retailer on Shopify. Of course, you could use it to sell cans of soup if you wanted, but they’d seem very expensive. Split also makes use of parallax scrolling, as well as hover-activated animations too.

3. Colours

This Shopify theme is best for those who have a lot of different products to sell. Colours uses large images and an Instagram feed, in addition to grid layouts and product slides. It’s too much if you run a simple e-commerce store, but perfect if you need to reign in a chaotically large inventory.

4. Kodo

Arguably a little bit clinical, Kodo has gained notoriety in 2018 for its minimalism, which is an attractive selling point for some. Kodo’s pages are all purposefully wide and spacious, which is good if you have relatively few products to sell. If purgatory had a Shopify theme, it would be Kodo.

5. Mobilia

Featuring sophisticated styling and content integration which is suited to Shopify stores trying to emanate a certain kind of class, Mobilia comes with four pre-built designs. The pre-built designs have been made with tea, clothing, wine, and fashion accessories in mind, so take note if you work in one of those niches!

6. Foodly

Responsive and e-commerce ready, Foodly is a straight-up Shopify grocery shopping platform which is designed to instil a sense of freshness and quality which we all associate with grocery stores. Well, certain ones anyway.

7. YourStore

A consistently well-rated Shopify theme, YourStore continues to do what it says on the tin – provide you with the tools to craft your very own specific Shopify store. YourStore equips you with a huge arsenal of options and design layouts, allowing you to customise the most trivial of website details to your heart’s content. If you’re an indecisive Shopify business owner who likes things their own way, YourStore may be the right theme to satiate your inner control freak.