If there’s one thing which evolves quickly, it’s the internet. In but a few years, we’ve seen MySpace die, ads continue to pop up in new places, and Facebook become uncomfortably powerful. As the internet and the expectations of your customers change with the cultural zeitgeist, you need to make sure that your Shopify store is optimised and staying ahead of the curve. If not, your site will appear to be dated, and many customers may go flocking to your competitors in search of someone who’s more “with it”.

As a result, here I offer you 3 quick tips for optimising your Shopify store!

Edit your Shopify store’s CSS

Although Shopify offers you a range of professional-looking themes which can be customised with your logo and branding, you sometimes need to take your customisation a little bit further if you really want to hammer home your brand identity and all that jazz. You can do this by editing the CSS files of your Shopify theme, which could save you a few dollars on splashing out on an ultra-professional theme. However, don’t go messing around with CSS unless you know what you’re doing, as you could end up doing more damage than good! If you don’t know what CSS is, let alone how to edit it, look for a specialist who is qualified in a system called “Liquid”, which is what Shopify uses for its CSS duties.

Up your Shopify store’s SEO game

If your store sells children’s shoes in London, and it doesn’t come up in the first few results of a Google search for “children shoes in London”, you’d better start getting really worried. As anyone with even the most basic e-commerce knowledge should tell you, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is key to the promotion and success of any Shopify store. No one is buying your stuff if he or she can’t find you in the first place! Here are a few tips for Shopify SEO:

-Don’t index a bunch of URLs which point back to the same page, as it makes your site appear to be unimportant and Google will penalise you
-When you upload product images, make sure that their filenames are SEO relevant, as Google takes these image names into account too
-Write compelling page titles for all of your pages
-Write compelling meta descriptions in a natural tone of voice
-Speed up the loading speed of your site, as this can affect Google ranking on mobile searches especially

Encourage gifting

Unless your customers are all miserable, the chances are that they will like to send gifts to their friends and family members from time to time. In this case, consider adding gift options to your store in order to spark purchase ideas and maximize sales. Your Shopify theme can be customized so that it automatically includes a gift wrapping option when they reach your checkout, which provides you with a nice little extra bit of revenue for the sake of not much effort. To double down on gifting, you can also set up gift cards as “products” on Shopify too, and any self-respecting business owner should know the invaluable nature of gift cards!